Thursday, August 23, 2012

Laziness/ enemy of Capitalism

Contrary to popular belief it's not consumer spending that produces a healthy economy. What does? Productive work. Why because until the farmer plants the seed, until the taxi driver picks up a passenger, until the butcher cuts the meat, NOTHING happens. No ability to "move" an economy that can't survive if it stays still, leads to a failed economy. It's not "helping the poor" that's the highest virtue. What is the highest virtue? PRODUCTIVE WORK!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Freedom to Move = Free Enterprise

Regardless of your age, pause for a moment and think of your body now and how it differs from the body you had at birth. At one time you couldn't walk; as a teenager you may have been too short to reach for things on a tall shelf. But nature handles those problems: you learn to talk, your body grows, etc.

We all die because Mother Nature never loses her freedom to move forward to accomplish her desired end. We need the same freedom Mother Nature has: 'Freedom to Move' (without government interference). Mother Nature shows us when there's nothing in the way to stop something from advancing the desired goal is accomplished.

Capitalism's (Free Enterprise) desire is freedom. Therefore in a society that desires freedom as its end result, 'Freedom to Move' (without government interference) has to exist.