Saturday, April 23, 2005

It ain't over, till it's over

When a business, closes shop and moves over seas a lot of headlines in the USA are sure to make note of it. "Outsourcing" is the branded name for such businesses; the whole term "outsourcing" is a defamatory term given by today's anti-capitalists. A lot of people knock "outsourcing" because they are econ-ignorant.

My grandfather, now deceased once used to work as a "pin-setter" in a old bowling alley in the 50's. In those days before the automatic ball returns, a man would stand by the pins, set them back up, and return your ball to you. We can "save" those jobs, if we are willing to go back to the days of "pin-setters". How many of us are ready for that?

Also which trade offers more skilled labor, making electric automatic ball returns, or setting up pins?. The same principle holds true for "outsourced" jobs. When the jobs of basket weaving, and box lifting go overseas, that frees up labor for us to do things such as make TV's, microwave ovens, and DVD players!

You won't hear that in your morning paper.