Wednesday, April 27, 2005

risk takers and rule breakers

We all get set in our ways of handling our lives, we don't always stop and think about where we want to wind up. When it comes to a free market economy, one thing is held in high esteem....change. You can't better the standard of living, by doing the same things over and over again. For instance, when the automobile in America came along, life became easier for most Americans even those who couldn't afford to purchase one. Such people benefited from having food and medicine (amongst other things) delivered to them quicker. At the same time, the horse and buggy industry plummeted; the standard of living had advanced. Yes the horse and buggy retailers might have had to bear a burden, but every benefit has a cost.

So who are the Henry Fords' of today? The risk takers. People who not knowing if their ideas will bear fruit, chase after them anyway. The young college student who spends his last dime on a lawn mower to cut yards, the single mother who works two jobs so next year she can try to make it in barber school, and the young man who leaves college for a job he believes will be of more value to him in the long run. We can't all be Henry Ford, but we can all develop a tenacity to chase after our dreams!

"How you ever gonna know..What it's like to live there..How you ever gonna know victory..How you ever gonna know..What it's like when dreams become reality..How you ever gonna know..How it feels to hold her..How you ever gonna know..What it's like to dance..How you ever gonna know..If you never take a chance.." --Garth Brooks