Thursday, April 21, 2005

Who prospers?

Who does a free market most value? The answer is easy-the individual; our whole economy is based on the single unit of the individual. That could mean a pizza delivery guy, a CEO, or a stockholder. So ultimately every thing for the "common good" (free health care, and other government programs) are paid by some individual. So when we have a market that gives freedom to the individual, we all prosper; after all we are all individuals.

What most people fail to see regarding this fact, is that if you punish a CEO with high taxes then individual stockholders, company employees, and consumers all pay. If Wal-Mart's taxes increase, what piggy bank are they going to dip into to pay those taxes? They will simply take money away from those whom they intended to spend money on. (employees, stockholders..etc.) So when the businesses prosper in America, we all follow suit!