Sunday, May 08, 2005

The cost of Capitalism,

Since we can't avoid costs, wouldn't it make sense to minimize the cost as much as we can? That's exactly what Capitalism does; it allows individuals to make transactions on their own free will. But today, many busybodies (politicians, activists, etc.) have tacked on extra costs to such transactions. If Mcdonald's wants to sell you the coffee that you want, you are served a cup with a WARNING: CAUTION HOT label. On a iron you have a label reminding you to not iron your clothes while wearing them. Not only are such labels childish, but they add to costs of businesses, in turn costing the individual consumers. If Mcdonald's has to spend time and resources to make a speacial coffee cup, where do they go to get the time and resources. The answer: stockholders, employees, and consumers. Reminds me of a Garth Brooks song, where the drunk blames the beer bottle for his drunkedness:

"Long neck bottle Let go of my hand. Hey barroom mirror on the wall, go stare at someone else. Don't show the world the fool I am "-Garth Brooks