Thursday, May 05, 2005

Is the mainstream media for Socialism??

Click Here! to see anti-capitalist thought in The Tennessean written by columnist Dwight Lewis. I want the readers of my blog to be educated, so I spend little time (if any) talking about other commentators. But for those of you who may just be learning Capitalism's Truths; I want you to see that our mainstream media does have a Anti-Capitalist bias.

"Whatever form it takes, we need some kind of movement in this great nation of ours. The reason: Too many people have been left behind. " -Dwight Lewis (in above article)

The problem with Lewis's statement is that Capitalism leaves nobody behind. In a capitalist society like ours you can't fail if you offer goods and services that people want. It's all how you serve your fellow man that will make you or break you.

Want further proof of liberal bias in Tennessee's media? Take a look at The America Mind's website.

Dwight Lewis