Wednesday, May 11, 2005


A lot of people wonder just why it is that a man like Mel Gibson can make millions doing his job, while others work a hard 40 hour week for a fraction of what Gibson makes. The question to ask yourself is why do famous people like Mel Gibson make millions. The answer is simple, consumers are willing to pay their hard earned money to see Mel Gibson perform. If I could convince the same amount of people to spend their money for a chance to see my writings, I'd make the same amount of money. But nobody values my writings as much as Mel Gibson's movies. This is simple enough, but suppose a government agency stepped in and forced you to spend money for my writings, so "equality" could be achieved and we both could make the same amount of money. What do you suppose million dollar actors like Gibson would do? That's right, they'd quickly drop out of the entertainment business since they could make the same amount with far less effort. And who would lose out as a result? The consumer who can no longer see their favorite actor perform. So you see again how the individual is the driving force in our economy.