Sunday, May 15, 2005

Small talk and big costs,

I've found that a good way to teach someone Capitalism, is to teach the basic principles over and over in a variety of ways. For instance, one of Capitalism's Truths is that when the cost increases for something people want less of it; when the cost of something decreases people want more of it.
My father (and many other fathers out there) always advised his children to "never argue about religion or politics". Regardless if you agree with my father's wisdom, he is using that Truth of Capitalism I've just described. The cost of having a political or religious discussion is often greater than the cost of discussing other topics. Often arguments or fights can start and valuable time can be wasted.
Sammy Kershaw explained this well in his song Politics, Religion, and Her. Here are some of the words:

" Politics can start a fight. Religion's hard to know who's right. And one more topic I won't touch...that one's her -- it hurts too much." -Sammy Kershaw