Sunday, May 29, 2005

Who's really for the rich man?

Many anti-Capitalist liberals claim to be for the little guy, and also claim that conservative Capitalists are for the rich man. But if you look closer you'll find that many laws passed to protect the little guy, are really harming the little guy more than anything. For instance in most US cities a taxi license is required to start your own taxi company. Most often such a license is more than (sometimes considerably more than) $10,000. Before such a law was passed, poor people would often buy a old used car and provide taxi services as low as $1 per 5miles. That would benefit both the poor owner and the consumer. So when the license law took over the little guy was priced out of the market.
So who was responsible for pricing the poor man out of the taxi service? The answer is rich owners of taxi companies who wish to price out competition. So the liberal politicians pass licensing laws to supposedly protect people from poor customer service, but in the end kick the poor man to the curb at the rich man's request. So who is really for the rich man?