Thursday, June 09, 2005

Capitalism and equality,

Equality is a word often used by anti-Capitalists. They try to sell the notion that Capitalism isn't fair because it doesn't offer "equality" between the rich man and the poor man. But "equality" isn't the same thing as freedom, which is the root of Capitalism. Everyone seems to grasp this concept when it pertains to other things; for instance when someone wins a state lottery nobody expects the state to give all lottery players a million dollars to achieve "equality" between the winners and losers. Nor should anyone expect the government to reward anyone for not offering goods and services that the public wants. If you are creative enough to offer goods and services that the public demands, Capitalism will always be kind to you. Unfortunately some people today believe that achievers and non-achievers should all be treated "equal". Let's pray that Capitalism survives such nonsense.