Friday, July 29, 2005

Dr. Williams teaches Capitalism 101,

Today on the Rush Limbaugh Show Dr. Walter E. Williams filled in. He (like always) did a good job of making Capitalism understandable to the masses. One of his many points was the issue of free trade. He explained how allowing a person in the United States to purchase products from China was no different than allowing a person in Tennessee to purchase products from Florida. The factor shared in both examples is the individual. All free trade does is allow individuals in one location to have the freedom to purchase from (trade) individuals in another location. Now some people may think that trading with China is bad because child labor is used by China to make a lot of the products we buy. That may be so, but what hope would such children in China have if we didn't offer our money to them for their products? You can see that when you focus on the individual when discussing Capitalism, things become a lot simpler to understand.

Walter E. Williams