Saturday, September 17, 2005

A sign of the times,

Regular readers of my blog (if there is such a thing) may grow weary of how I continue to talk about FDR's New Deal and how it is responsible for today's entitlement mentality. But what happened recently in New Orleans really makes that clear. During the Great Depression many men, women, and children had to go for long periods of time with no money, food, or shelter. But those people didn't shoot at government officials with guns, or rape innocent women. A lot of that went on in New Orleans. People began to demand that their needs be met "or else"; thus looting, robbing, and raping went on. Those events are the first time Americans have reacted to hardship in that manner. It started with FDR's New Deal and every president since has not totally removed the government from taking care of people's needs for them. Just like FDR gave in to the peoples cries in the wake of the Great Depression, George Bush has promised government aid in order to satisfy Americans who experienced hardship. As long as such promises are made, we can expect to see people's behavior to reach new levels of lunacy to get what they feel they are "entitled" to.