Monday, April 18, 2005

Are we biting the hands that feed us?

We seem to get joy these days from beating up on Wally's World (Wal-Mart), but do we ever consider what good Wal-Mart has done? For all the Capitalists out there this will all sound redundant, but for the liberals who need on. First of all, the power of choice is present in every economic decision. The people who work there choose to do so, likewise Wal-Mart chooses to hire them- that is what economic freedom is. When any business thrives, it only does so by pleasing its consumers. So doesn't it sound weird to you that the people who are critical of Wal-Mart, are the same ones who have given Wal-Mart the power to become as big as it has?

Also people complain about "mom and pop" stores being run out of business by Wal-Mart. The simple answer to this is--any business that fails in a free economy, deserves to fail! If you are the one to fail you got to reinvent yourself and do something better or different than Wal-Mart. After all that is what Sam Walton did and if you feel that Wal-Mart is powerful would it not stand to reason to learn from those who are powerful and emulate what they did? Will we get anywhere if we bite the hands that feed us?