Thursday, April 14, 2005

Who says you're not ready for the big leagues?

Did you know that right now whoever you are, you probably understand more about economics and Capitalism than you realize? You may have your own politics you like to talk about, that are liberal tax and spend, while on the other hand you live your personal life in a very conservative economic fashion. And I don't necessarily mean money decisions. Let's say you like to swim, fish, surf, and jetski on your own time, because you enjoy watersports and being around water. Does this mean that you want to one day be drowned by water? Of course it doesn't! To say so would be silly! If you can understand that, you can understand why Capitalists say no to letting the government enter into our economy..via Social Security, Medicare, WIC..take your pick.
Because you enjoy being around water for surfing, doesn't mean that you agree with using water for anything. Surfing in water, can be fun for you, while drowning in water is not very fun. So, some things water serves you well in, and in other ways it does not. Does this mean you hate water? No it means there are some things it can be of good use in, and in some things it doesn't serve your purpose at all. Government is great for defending it's citizens, (police, Army, Navy, Nat. Guard) but terrible at using our money for namby pamby handout programs.

Ok, so if you understand all are ready for the big leagues!