Thursday, April 14, 2005

Saints and sinners can learn economics from the world's oldest profession!

Ok, the whole idea is to keep my audience's attention, I try to stick to things that make people want to read and learn from what I have to say. So I found a good topic to help anyone understand economics better is prostitution. Prostitutes tend to hang around Army bases frequently as most peole know. They also charge these military men higher prices than the
locals. But why? They also charge physically disabled men higher prices than men in good health. But why? Wouldn't this be called "discrimination" if it happened in any legitimate market? The answer is in a word substitutes. The military men, and handicap men have fewer or no substitutes to satisfy their wants. Whereas, the local and healthy men can easily meet another woman (substitute) at work, in a bar, etc.. etc, for little or no financial cost. Certainly,
prostitution isn't a honorable profession, but it would probably stand to reason that prostitutes understand more about Capitalism, than do our current liberal "experts" teaching on college campuses.