Friday, April 15, 2005

You always pay something!

As I already said in an earlier post, our government's bank account is always at $0. Yes, I know we hear people all the time talk of government health care, government schools, and government cheese. But the government has no money to pay for any of these things. We only think so, because of politicians telling us that for years. So where does the money come from? Easy answer-taxes. The dirty little secret about taxes, is that when taxes increase on American Businesses, the poor people are the worst hurt. Businesses don't pay taxes...when the government demands that they pay money to Washington, the businesses simply take money away from either employees, stockholders, or the consumers to satisfy Washington politicians.
So, the little guy is the one to pay in the end...which goes to show you..that for every government (fill in the blank) there is a price to be paid!