Friday, May 20, 2005

The poor,

We here a lot about helping the poor these days. But who is "the poor"? Sometimes it seems easy to determine...if one man has 0$ in his bank account our instincts want to call him "poor". But what if he's young and in good health? In America should such a condition be labeled as "poor"? A young man in America with no money and perfect health is envied big time by the starving children in the third world nations. What if that same young men gets a job, but it is only a job working fast food for minimum wage? Does that make him poor? Chances are that young man's grandparents who lived through the Great Depression would have loved to have such a job.....even if it paid below minimum wage!!!

Thanks to Capitalism, "poor" in America is considered rich to the rest of the world. Like Walter E. Williams often says: If a unborn spirit was condemned by God to suffer poverty on earth, but given the chance to choose it's place of birth, you could safely bet that the unborn spirit would choose America!