Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Coming off the substance of government,

Even if you've never experimented with illegal drugs, I'm sure you're well aware of drug withdrawals. They occur every time a highly addictive drug (speed, cocaine, Etc.) is used to satisfy someone's drug craving. The drug user stands little if any chance of resisting the urge to take the next hit. Even the most simple minded person can see the destruction such a habit brings to drug users. But why do people not easily see the same destruction being done by our government welfare system? I'm 26 years old and my entire generation remembers government being involved in our lives since birth. Only my grandfather's generation remembers a time when government dependence wasn't even thought about. Since big government programs such as the New Deal and the Great Society, Americans have only increased their dependency on the government. Blogs, and other media venues such as this will hopefully encourage some Americans to come down off the addiction of government support.