Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Look for the obvious,

I can understand why some people may tire of learning at times. Some subjects are complicated to understand and involve lots of facts and figures. Capitalism on the other hand is easy to understand if you look for the obvious facts of life. We all know that when things get difficult for us we tend to look for a way to ease our pain. If we take a lunch break to go to Mcdonald's and upon getting there discover a long waiting line with several people, we'll likely do without before spending the entire lunch break in a waiting line. The same principle applies to business in America. When businesses have to meet tons of government regulations and codes, sometimes it's easier for businesses to not open up at all until they can find a way to skirt such regulations. (often done by "outsourcing" to offshore locations) Who pays the price when businesses suffer? The American public.....consumers, employees, and owners (stockholders). Economics isn't that hard to understand, but for far too long Americans have been contented to let politicians and activists do their thinking for them.