Thursday, June 02, 2005

Excessive force,

Whenever I hear a charge of "excessive force" being leveled against a policeman in the media I am puzzled. Why do we never hear of "excessive force" when it comes to the government taking away money from some Americans by threat of force, and giving it to other Americans? But you may wonder what I mean by threat of force. If I refuse to pay taxes to the government, what happens? I will of course be arrested eventually for tax evasion; arrest would of course carry with it, the use of force by the government to put me in jail.

Taxes will always be with us, but how do we know what to tax for? The Constitution gives the government specific duties for which it can tax. There was never supposed to be taxes to pay for a Senator's garage, or to pay for health care for the less fortunate. Since FDR's New Deal, the American people have been looking to Washington for answers to their problems.