Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Joy to the world,

In America we have come to realize since our birth as a nation that man was meant to be free. That's why we associate the word freedom with being American. The anti-Capitalists only use the term "freedom of choice" when it comes to abortion but throw away the same logic when it comes for a person's "right to choose" what to do with their personal property. (their business, their money, their land, and their home. Etc...Etc) But if you think about it you'll agree that we are only happy as humans when we are living for our own inner peace. Are women who unfortunately get tied up in an abusive relationship happy? Are people who have a nightmare boss happy? The obvious answer is no; so what is the remedy to such scenarios? Freedom. Leaving an abusive relationship or a nightmare job for a more pleasant one is illustrative of the beauty of freedom. That is what Capitalists cherish more than any other group of economic thinkers--freedom. Freedom is what brings joy to the human heart and breeds healthy decision making. If you still aren't convinced of this fact, talk with someone who lived in Soviet Russia and ask them how joyful life was without Capitalism.