Monday, June 13, 2005

Economics in more places than you realize,

A lot of people who knock Capitalism are hypocritical in their criticisms. For instance most of them insist that the government should be in the business of helping people do things more efficiently and safely. (speed limits, FDA restrictions on medications, and building codes) Upon making such claims, the anti-Capitalists insist that the cost of government intervention is well worth it. I think it would be a safe bet to book, that the same people who say such nonsense would not make a habit of running a red light every time they get the chance on the road. Obviously because taking such a risk could result in bad results including death. However taking such a risk could result in good things including getting to places on time, less stress from waiting in traffic, and getting to places before a crowd forms. But these people in one instance say that costs aren't important, and yet make daily decisions that show that they know costs are important. Economic decisions are made everyday; often some forget what they already know to be true because they think the people in Washington know better.