Saturday, June 11, 2005

Speaking for myself,

Part of the credit for my understanding of Capitalism goes to my father, Clyde Mathes. He's still alive and kicking at age 59 and is a living testament to living the American dream. He was born into poverty and spent all of his childhood years in it. He only achieved an 8th grade education, (he later obtained his GED) and didn't marry until his late 20's. My father was the exception of his day, his living conditions during his childhood were some of the worst even among the poor of his day. No indoor plumbing, a shack for a house, no clothes except some scraps of cloth, no electricity, and his mother couldn't read or write. He had more in common with people who lived 500 years ago than people today. He isn't rich today, but he is fairly well off and the father of two children (me and my brother Jeremy Mathes) who will graduate from college within a year. He kept working at a job for over 12 years (where he still works) and started his own landscaping business. I'm very proud of him, and without saying a word his life shows that no amount of hardship can hold back a man who wants to make it in a Capitalist society!

"Every person carves his spot - and fills the hole with life. And I pray someday I might - light as bright as he." - Conway Twitty