Sunday, June 12, 2005

Explaining the ignorance,

All pro-Capitalists will agree that a lot of Americans misunderstand Capitalism. The question is: why are so many people ignorant of free-market Capitalism? The answer is in a word: tradition. By this I mean the traditional catch phrases that parents have told their children since the New Deal era. For instance, Democrats are for the poor and Republicans are for the rich. It's not as easy to get away with those lies today since there are many resources available today to debunk them. (cable news, talk radio, and the blogosphere) The reason such people believe that Democrats are for helping the poor is because Democrats support government welfare to "help the poor". Anyone who uses logic knows that government welfare causes individuals to not take action to improve their own lives since the government can give them money for nothing. So is that really "helping the poor"? Of course it isn't. Republicans are accused of being "for the rich" because they believe people who work for their money ought to be able to keep more of it. You never get called "greedy" for wanting other people's money; (government welfare) only if you wish to keep more of your own money are you called "greedy".
Talk show host Rusty Humphries says that in his opinion FDR's New Deal brought Socialism to this country. I have to agree with him.