Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Cheering for failure,

Civil rights leaders are hardly what their title indicates. Instead of leading disadvantaged people into a better life; they often try to hold them back (disadvantaged people) in order to further their personal political agenda. What they say are "civil rights" issues often are economical issues. For instance the idea of teaching "bilingual" education in America; Americans can only benefit the most economically when they learn to speak English. But so-called leaders get huge contributions from groups who will gain jobs from "bilingual" education. So the leaders are willing to hold back progress for the disadvantaged (by not teaching them English) to line their own pockets with contribution dollars. Even in Capitalist countries like America, we Capitalists have to be willing to see such nonsense for what it is. For more on the subject read Linda Chavez's column: "Viva Bilingual Education? "

Linda Chavez