Saturday, March 25, 2006

Health Insurance part II

A reader of my last post asked me if I was insisting that insurance prices are artificially high, due to businesses paying for insurance for their employees. Im not sure what his definition of "artificially" would be, but I do lean towards answering "yes" to his question. The focus is not on insurance businesses....but on government. Ask anyone over 70 years of age if they remember "affordable health care". Almost every one will tell you they do. At the time of affordable health care there wasn't pressure on businesses to be responsible for paying the bill of their employees' health care. During the WWII era many companies offered "fringe benefits" such as health care to sway employees to work for them. The reason the businesses did so was because laws were passed preventing the businesses from offering more pay, so the businesses decided to offer health care instead.

Ask someone over 70 years of age if they noticed a difference in health care prices after government and businesses became involved in the health care industry. They'll answer "yes" for sure.